Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Asheville, North Carolina Fly Fishing Report July, 24 2013

Brown Trout Fly Fishing LLC has been very busy this spring and summer guiding many clients to successful days on North Carolina and Tennessee streams and rivers.  Many potential clients know how much rain has been falling and have seen on the news clips of swollen muddy rivers.  We have definitely had to tweak the rivers we fish and find new spots on rivers we fish often, but we have had a very productive summer.  You cannot come to Asheville on a fly fishing trip and expect to catch fish in places you have previously caught them and using techniques you have always used, but the fish are happy and feeding.  The rain is slowing slightly and many of our back yard rivers in Pisgah National Forest are starting to drop.  Today the Davidson River is very fishable (250cfs).  We have not caught as many fish as we do most years, but the average fish size has been larger than average.  The high water has the bigger, smarter fish feeding more aggressively.  The good news is that we already have enough water to get us through August and September with happy healthy fish heading into the fall fishing season.

Asheville had several rains that flooded parts of town, but even after 6 or more inches in one day Brown Trout Fly Fishing guides have been able to float the South Holston and have great days.  The Tennessee Valley Authority has released a lot more water than usual and that has produced FANTASTIC fishing on the South Holston.  We have never seen the South Holston fish like it did May through July.  The Dry Fly fishing is starting to get tougher, but the nymph fishing is still red hot! 

Watauga Lake is almost back down to the TVA's summer time goal level.  We have not fished the river since the end of June and are very excited to get back on it.  Best case scenario is that the TVA cuts the water flows back next week.  We will have an awesome August and September with plenty of water in the river. 

If you have struggled this year successfully fishing high water please call us.  Having a little inside info makes all the difference in the world.