Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Watauga River Fly Fishing Report 8/7/2011

Watauga River Fishing Report

I had the day off Sunday August 7 and I floated with my good college buddy Hunter Brush. The first half of the float was a little slow. A few fish were eating beetles and a few were eating our droppers, but not as often as we wanted. We rounded the bed in the river in front of the Watauga River Lodge and the mid river springs above the caddis riffle were pumping tons of mud into the river. It was really a cool sight. The mud bubbles were entering a perfectly clear river and welling up with force strong enough to bring them 2-3 inches out of the water. From the springs down fishing was good. We changed tactics and threw streamers for short time. We caught a couple of nice fish, but nothing huge. We switched to the nymph rig and caught 3-4 fish out of every hole we tried the rest of the day. Hunter broke off a nice Brown Trout in the ledges, and I landed the beautiful girl above in the fourth quarter hole. Great day. You never know what is going to happen when the water gets muddy, but this time it was good.

Call me to book a trip. The float fishing is still the way to go. The Watauga River is nice and cold in spite of Hades like outside temperatures.

Brown Hobson