Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Asheville Area Fishing Report April 17-23

Late April Fly Fishing Report

Davidson River Fishing Report April 17, 2011
The fishing was good, but tricky at the Davidson River Hatchery last weekend. The flood waters had the river running high, and the fish were feeding. The only trick was the wading. Fish were pushed tight to the bank and the water was ripping down the middle. It was harder to get to the fish, but when you did you were rewarded. They were eating size 10 stone fly nymphs, and 14 caddis soft hackles.

Davidson River Fishing Report April 18, 2011
The wading was a little easier Monday, but fish were still tight to cover. We got a smattering of different sizes smaller fish and hooked 5 really nice fish. Unfortunately we only landed one. The big guys were really using the current to their advantage. Our biggest, a nice rainbow, came unbuttoned right at the net. Heartbreaking. Thanks to Jamie Dickinson the ORVIS Charlotte Fishing Manager for bringing his boys up to fish with me.

West Fork Pigeon River Fishing Report April 19, 2011
I fished the West Fork with a Family from Connecticut looking for a warmer fishing climate. We had a great time. We caught most of our fish on nymphs, but the dad managed one fish on a Rabbits Foot Emerger. I can't wait for the water to come down some more so the fish start eating more dries! We used Stonefly nymphs, small mayflies, midges, eggs, and san juan worms.

South Holston Fishing Report April 20, 2011
I was a part of a big group float last week and we floated the South Holston Wednesday. Fishing was good, but not easy. We did a double upper section float thinking the upper would really turn on in the pm. We caught a few on SJ worms, but it was mostly a midge pupa game. Small midge nymphs fished near the bottom did the trick.

Watauga River Fishing Report April 21, 2011
We did a morning float on the Watauga with the TVA running a smaller than normal generation and actually managed a pretty good morning. We had to cancel the afternoon because the river got too muddy when the second wave of water hit us. Fish were definitely in select high water spots, but they were chomping when you found them. I found one seam that was great!
South Holston Fishing Report April 22, 2011
We wade fished in the morning and it was very good. The TVA hasn't given us a wade generation in a while and it showed. The fish were crushing midge pupa. One of the best wade days I have seen on the South Holston. We ate at Webb's Grocery and then put on for the float. The float was actually pretty good too. The second half of the float was very good. For about 45 minutes we couldn't keep those browns off the line. Excellent.

West Fork Pigeon River Fishing Report April 23, 2011
The West Fork fished ok in the morning, but was a little tough in the pm Saturday. We nymphed and threw dry dropper rigs in the morning and got fish on caddis, mayflies, stones, eggs, and midges. It was a smorgasbord. The afternoon got tougher and we caught a few on dry flies, and had a ton of follows on the streamer. Overall a great time on a beautiful river.

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