Saturday, April 16, 2011

Asheville are fishing report

Asheville Fly Fishing Report for the first week of April

April, 4 Fishing Report
I guided a full day on the Shelton Laurel Creek April 4 and we hammered them. I had one angler who wanted to do a lesson style trip and the fishing was really good. There were gobs of caddis coming off the water, but only a few fish were eating them. We caught fish on stone fly nymphs, SJ worms, Eggs, Soft Hackles, and pheasant tails. It was a really fun day of fly fishing and we had the river mostly to ourselves.

April, 7 Fishing Report
I guided Richard and Alyna on April 7 on the North Mills River. We got out for a morning half day trip and even with the early start there were lots of anglers on the water. The campground section was slammed. Tons of fishermen and a giant school group. We fished a couple of holes above the campground and caught fish on stone flies and then we drove up to Trace Ridge. We made the hike down to the river and covered lots of ground fishing stones and soft hackles. There were some March Browns hatching, but no fish rising so we stuck to the nymphs. Fishing was good, but you had to cover lots of ground. We didn't find many holes that were loaded with fish, but if you keep moving you will find a few here and a few there.

April, 9 Watauga River Fishing Report
The TVA stopped generating for a short period and we got out Saturday for a big float. There was a bachelor party going on which always makes for a great fly fishing trip. We caught a few fish on dry flies, but nymph fishing was more productive. We thought that the fishing would be crazy since no one had been fishing, but the fishing was just ok. We didn't cream them, but caught a good number of fish including a 16" rainbow and giant 6lb. Sucker Fish.

April, 11 South Holston Fishing Report
I floated the South Holston with a buddy doing a scouting trip, and the fishing was very streaky. We would change flies for an hour and then finally find one they would eat. After a handful of fish they would stop. Then the cycle repeated itself. We caught them on midges, pheasant tails, scuds, and sj worms. Fun day, but we definitely had to work for it.