Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Asheville Area Fly Fishing Report 3/27 and 3/28

Davidson River Fishing Report
I fished the Davidson River last Sunday and there were lots of fish and big fish spread out nicely around the hatchery. That was the first day I had seen big fish all over the river. It was cold, rainy and the fishing was good, but not easy. The trout were eating lots of different flies, but you had to work because one fly wasn't the magic answer. They ate lots of different midges and one nice fish ate a white wooly bugger. This Davidson River is about to pop. Sometime in the next two weeks bugs are going to go crazy and the fish with them.

Tuckasgeegee Fly Fishing Report with George and Elliot
My friends George and Elliot, co captains of the Horse Creek Hookers One Fly Team, came to Asheville to visit me and get a little early season fly fishing in. We floated the Tuckaseegee and had a good day. Conditions were cool and cloudy in the morning and we had one generator until noon and then 2 the rest of the day. The afternoon was nice and sunny. The fish really keyed in on the swing. We focused on getting flies down and then holding the line tight to create an upward motion. Below are some pictures.